Zarafa - Tasmanian Tour, January 2006
About Zarafa
Concert performances

Zarafa is Melbourne's premier Balkans and Near Eastern ensemble: a versatile group of musicians and dancers who present a spectacular and eclectic show featuring both traditional and original repertoire. The ensemble draws on the complex rhythms and modes of Turkish, Macedonian, Croatian, Persian and Moroccan folk traditions, performing fiery acoustic dance tunes on authentic instruments. These pieces are interspersed with samples and improvised taksims to create evocative trance soundscapes, a backdrop for dramatic contemporary bellydance. Further information:

Living Traditions supported Zarafa's Tasmanian Tour in January 2006, which included 7 concert performances, 4 workshops and a live-to-air radio performance.







Thurs 19 Jan


Devonport Gallery & Arts Centre
45-47 Stewart St, Devonport, TAS

Tickets $10 full or $5 Friends of the Gallery / concession.

Fri 20 Jan

7.45pm - late

RSL Club
George Town, TAS

Tamar Valley Folk Festival - Friday evening concert with a variety of great acts.

Sun 22 Jan

12.15pm - evening

Memorial Hall
George Town, TAS

Tamar Valley Folk Festival - Sunday afternoon concert with a variety of acts.

Weds 25 Jan


Brookfield Vineyard
Channel Hwy, Margate, TAS

A concert appearance at this lovely winery.

Fri 27 Jan


6 Victoria St, Hobart, TAS

$15 Zarafa concert, or $50 dinner & show (includes Middle Eastern Banquet, bellydancers & live music, plus Zarafa concert).

Sat 28 Jan


Palais Theatre
Main Rd, Franklin, TAS

Tickets $10/$8.

Sun 29 Jan


Republic Bar
299 Elizabeth St, North Hobart, TAS

Door charge $2.





Gypsy-Style Accordion


Middle Eastern Percussion


Improvising with Eastern Modes

Sat 21 January, 3 - 4pm
Memorial Hall, George Town, TAS

This workshop is intended for Beginner to Intermediate level bellydancers and will focus on aspects of core technique as well as folkloric and Tribal elements. Depending on the interests of participants, the workshop may explore elements of sword work, Egyptian and American Tribal Style, Turkish bellydance and Indian folk dance.

Workshop leader: Sarah Turner is a captivating and dramatic dancer who has refined her bellydance technique over years of passionate study and performance. After spending most of her life pursuing many forms of dance, she fell in love with Middle Eastern dance for its strength and grace of movement, evocative music and its compelling history. Sarah teaches occasional classes at Underbelly Dance Studio in Melbourne; her style is influenced by Turkish oriental and folkloric dance as well as Egyptian and American Tribal Style - often incorporating sword work for dramatic effect. Sarah has recently spent time in Turkey and Rajasthan, researching local dance traditions, and has also studied and performed a wide variety of dance styles at Rakkasah - San Francisco's world-renowned Middle Eastern dance festival.

This workshop is part of the Tamar Valley Folk Festival program.

Gpysy-Style Accordion
Sun 22 January, 10.30 - 11.30am
Magistrates Court Council Chambers, George Town, TAS

Along with violin, accordion is one of the mainstays of Eastern European folk music, and is particularly prominent in Gypsy and Klezmer styles. This workshop will present examples of traditional repertoire from Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece, and will include discussion of ornamentation, soloing, and accompaniment techniques in a variety of rhythms including 4/4, 7/8 and 9/8. The workshop will be of particular interest to accordion players but also to anyone who enjoys traditional music from Eastern Europe.

Workshop leader: Mark Planigale is one of Melbourne's best-known piano accordionists. He has developed his trademark fiery accordion style over the past ten years as a soloist and a member of bands including Zarafa, BabaGanoush and Brahim Benhim's La Kasbah Moroccan Ensemble. Mark's accordion and vocal style draws upon his Croatian-Australian heritage as well as many years of study of Balkans and Middle Eastern folk traditions. Mark also plays oud, saxophone and guitar, and is a skilled composer and arranger.

This workshop is part of the Tamar Valley Folk Festival program.

Middle Eastern Percussion
Tues 24 January 2006, 7.30 - 9.30pm
John Colvin Stand, Regatta Grounds, Hobart Domain, TAS
$30 / $20 concession. Bookings required.

A workshop for anyone interested in the complex rhythms underlying Middle Eastern and North African classical and bellydance music. The workshop is pitched at the Beginner to Intermediate level and will explore drumming techniques and multi-layered traditional rhythms from Morocco, Egypt and Turkey. Workshop content includes:
--- introduction to instruments (darabuka, daf, req) and core instrumental technique
--- theory of rhythms and rhythmic cycles
--- demonstration and practice of a variety of traditional rhythms
--- tips on ensemble playing and drumming for dancers.
Workshop notes will be provided. Please BYO percussion instruments if you have any.

Workshop leader: Ben Last is one of Melbourne's foremost world music percussionists. An inspirational and dynamic player, he has performed with many top-knotch ensembles and is a member of leading percussion trio Fingers of Fury. Ben performs regularly for Underbelly Dance Studio productions. Ben is also an experienced electronic music producer and provides the rhythmic drive for respected Psy-trance duo Mantrix. Ben will be supported by Alistair Lord and Mark Planigale in presenting this workshop.

Improvising with Eastern Modes
Sun 29 January 2006, 2.30 - 4.30pm
Sirens, 6 Victoria St, Hobart, TAS
$30 / $20 concession. Bookings required.

An introductory workshop for melody players, exploring the ancient scales or modes of the Eastern Mediterranean, which appear in various guises as the dromoi of traditional Greek music, the makamlar of Turkey and the maqamat of the Arab world. As well as being sequences of notes, these modes imply particular melodic progressions and styles of ornamentation. Workshop content includes:
--- introduction to instruments (ney, baglama, lyra, oud)
--- theory of microtones and modes
--- demonstration and practice of three traditional modes
--- demonstration and discussion of improvisational, soloing and accompaniment techniques.
Workshop notes will be provided. BYO instrument or voice.

Workshop leader: Pin Rada has fifteen years' experience in composing and performing improvisational instrumental music. Pin's proficiency on a bewildering array of instruments, including ney, lyra and baglama, reflects his passionate love affair with Middle Eastern music. Pin has studied with master musicians in Turkey, Greece and India, and has performed with many leading bands including Zarafa, Camel Magic, and Brahim Benhim's La Kasbah Moroccan Ensemble. Pin is also an experienced world music producer. Pin will be supported by Mark Planigale in presenting this workshop.


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